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1.​ What is a Psychological Assessment?


“Psychological assessment” refers to the use of a variety of tests designed to provide insight into a person’s strengths and weaknesses. The areas we explore include problem solving, behaviour, emotional well-being, and life skills. Let us support you in your journey to find the answers you need.

2. ​Who Could Benefit from the Assessment? 


Children (over the age of 7) and Adults struggling with the following could benefit from the assessment:

  • Academic difficulties

  • Trouble paying attention

  • Behavioural challenges (e.g., impulsivity, classroom disruption, or withdrawal)

  • Problem solving, socializing, or taking care of themselves to the same extent as others their age

3. Our Assessment Services


We provide a variety of assessment options.

Our psychologists will consult with you to determine which option will best meet your unique needs.


Our assessments may involve:

  • Cognitive testing

  • Behavioural evaluation

  • In-person behavioural observation

  • Adaptive skills evaluation

  • Screening for mood disorders and emotional difficulties

  • Screening for social and language development disorders

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with your family doctor, psychiatrist, speech-language pathologist, or occupational therapist

2. Why choose H&A for assessment?


Your Needs Come First At Hopfner & Associates

It is our primary focus to work with you in identifying services to meet your needs. We will take the time to get to know you or your child and determine whether our services are the right fit. If we cannot meet your needs, we will not hesitate to provide a referral.


Practical, Accessible Results

Psychological assessments can be confusing. Our reports and recommendations are designed to be easily understood without compromising on quality.



We believe that cost should not be a barrier to high quality assessment. If this is a concern for you or your family, please inquire about our payment options.

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