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Booking Appointments


The First Step: Making the first contact by phone/email


Maybe you have been thinking about counselling for a while now…or you have just thought of counselling as an option…whatever the case may be, you would be surprised to know how many people who came to us shared with us how nervous they were when they made their first contact.


If you are feeling nervous about it, you are not alone!


It is very normal for you to feel nervous, especially if you have never been to counselling before or your past counselling experiences did not meet your needs.

Don’t let it stop you from contacting us. 

You are also welcome to contact us via Email if this makes it easier for you as well. 


Please be sure to refer to Contact Us for important information prior to calling us to book an appointment.

You can also email us...


The Second Step: The first visit


When you decide to come for counselling, you can expect to have a conversation with a counsellor about whatever difficulties you are experiencing. 


The counsellor is trained to listen carefully, non-judgmentally and also in a way that stimulates your thinking process. Seeing a counsellor gives you the opportunity to fully discuss and explore issues that are causing concerns for you.  


In our practice, it is common for specific goals for your counselling to be set in the first or second session. These goals are created collaboratively between you and your counsellor.


The counsellors do not generally offer opinions, give direct advice, or tell you what to do in certain situations; instead, you are provided with the support you need to come to your own healthy decisions about your concerns. In turn, this may help you maximize your potential to be the best version of yourself.


Once your goals have been established, you are on your way to achieving your goals

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