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Our rate for a regular 50 minutes session is set at $130, $160, $180 and $200 (depending on the counsellor as of March, 2024) and payment is due at the time of service. If you are to book any session which is longer than regular 50 minutes, the rate will be discussed accordingly upon booking. We accept cash, cheque and e-transfer. Our rate is in line with professional fee guidelines. 


But… there are more options. 

Part/all of your fee could also be covered by:


  • Extended Health Care Plans

  • EAP (Employee Assistance Programs)

  • Sliding Fee Scale

  • Designated First Nation Health Providers

  • Veteran's Affairs

  • Community Agencies


Extended Health Care Plans

Most extended health care plans cover all or part of the cost of counselling when it is provided by registered psychologists and/or registered social workers.  Our staff are all registered, so all you have to do is contact your health care provider and ask them what you need to do before booking an appointment with us.



Some employers have Employee Assistance Programs which cover the cost of counselling when their employees need.  It is often the case that they cover up to certain numbers of sessions per year or certain cost per year.


All you need to do is to talk to someone in your company about your need for counselling and find out what kind of EAP you have access to. Once you have that information, you can contact your EAP and ask what you have to do to use our services. 


Sliding Fee Scale

Using our Sliding Fee Scale, people who do not have access to any types of coverage will now have an option of paying anywhere between $65 to $200/session. The fee will be determined based on the family income and number of dependents.               


Community Agencies

If you already have other services in our community involved with you and/or your family, such as Child and Family Services and Victims Services, they sometimes can help you with funding to help you receive counselling.


All you need to do is to talk to your workers about your need for counselling and explore different options for arranging payments with them. 


It is not guaranteed that you can get the financial support that you need of course, but all they can say to you is no, so why not ask?

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