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It is our strong belief that our services should benefit the individuals that we serve, or at least do no harm.  This leads us to recognize the need for our competence as service providers.  Our counsellors have a solid knowledge base through acquired degrees and experience in counselling.  We also acknowledge the importance of continued education in order to keep our competency in the field of psychology as it is constantly changing.



It is our strong belief that as human services providers we respect the dignity of the individuals we serve.  We will do our best to promote and protect clients; rights to privacy, self-determination, and personal liberty in all that we do following the psychological code of ethics that guide our practice.



It is our strong belief that every individual has within his or her self the capacity and tendency to move towards a goal and a process of growing.  To create a safe and nurturing environment we will do our best to unconditionally accept our clients where they are at.



It is our strong belief that hope is a necessary element in the change and growth process.  To create a level of hope we will incorporate strategies that attend to hope and strength within the client.  



It is our strong belief that sensitivity and awareness of individual’s diverse experiences and needs be paramount.  It is our intention to recognize and support individuals from varying cultural backgrounds that include gender, sexual orientation, faith, ethnicity, socio-economic status, abilities, and age.



It is our strong belief that individuals should have access to needed services regardless of economic status.  To achieve this, we offer options for paying for our counselling and we will do our best to explore payment options.



It is our strong belief that people should have access to the services that they need within his or her community.  It is our goal to continue to be attentive to the needs of our community and to do our best to develop and provide these needed services.



It is our strong belief that collaborating with other professionals in our community is crucial to provide our clients with comprehensive support.  We are constantly networking with other agencies and professionals to create quality services.

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