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About Hopfner & Associates

Hopfner & Associates


H&A is a "Human" service provider that provides an array of quality counselling services to individuals, couples, families and professionals in Lloydminster and surrounding area.


Our service population includes children, youths, adults and seniors. 


For centuries, ocean travel has served as a profound metaphor for life's journey. This analogy provides insight into the many facets of our existence and the challenges we face.


During ocean voyages, we encounter diverse elements, each representing a different aspect of life.


The first element, all that is beneath; the ocean itself.

The ocean is a realm that can be simultaneously nurturing and perilous. This vast expanse harbors an incredible array of life, ranging from the beautifully serene to the dangerously unpredictable.


The second element, all that is above; the atmospheric elements.

During ocean voyages, we face the atmospheric elements: the winds, the varying temperatures, and the unpredictable weather. These forces can be both a source of blessing and adversity, shaping our journey in unforeseen ways.

The third element, all that is beyond; the realm of the unknown.

Ocean travel has sparked countless stories filled with twists, legends, mythical creatures, and uncharted territories. It reminds us that beyond our scientific understanding, there is a world of mystery still to be explored.


While there is no doubt that "scientific approach" can be quite useful and insightful,  it is also important to acknowledge that there are so much more that we do not know yet.


The experience of ocean travel is something to be lived and cherished, full of lessons and wonders.


The last but not the least; the vessels we travel in.

Each of our vessel is one of the kind, a very unique one. It comes with its own design, strengths, and limitations.  These vessels, much like ourselves, are diverse in form and function. They evolve over time, shaped by the elements, our own desires and decisions.


What sets our vessels apart in this journey is the degree of control we have over them. Unlike the other elements of the travel that are "thrown upon us", "we do have a say" in this one. While we might not choose the initial conditions of our vessels, we have the power to maintain and adapt our vessels, as we navigate through our journey.


In our uniquely individual voyages, we can also find a shared common goal, regardless of our vessel's nature; to stay afloat and navigate towards our chosen destinations, while appreciating that the journey itself is as significant as reaching the destinations.

How do we navigate?

Central to navigation in ocean travel is the compass, a tool that revolutionized maritime exploration through enhanced precision and safety.


It is our belief that each of us is equipped with “inner compass” that is designed to help us navigate ourselves through our journey of life. This inner guidance system, at its best when harmonized with our mind, body, and spirit, is akin to how a compass aligns with Earth's magnetic field.


Maintaining this alignment amidst life's unpredictability can be challenging. Our inner compass may falter, become obscured, or even seem lost at times.


It is our belief that when you come to see us for counselling, clinical consultation/supervision and workshops, you inherently possess what you need for life's journey, the inner compass. Our role is to support you in realigning and rejuvenating your inner compass and to assist you in restoring balance and clarity.

What steps are necessary for this process?

The answer varies, as unique as each individual and their journey. Seeking psychological service is just a small piece of the puzzle.  Whether it involves cleansing, fine-tuning, polishing, rediscovering, or reconnecting, the encouraging news is that you do not have to do this alone. We are here to walk alongside you, ready to support you in your journey of self-navigation and growth.


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