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About Hopfner & Associates

Hopfner & Associates


H&A is a "Human" service provider that provides an array of quality counselling services to individuals, couples, families and professionals in Lloydminster and surrounding area.


Our service population includes children, youths, adults and seniors. 



Ocean travel has been used as an analogy of our life journey for centuries.


In the course of ocean travel, we are exposed to different elements.  


The first element of all is, all that is beneath: the ocean.

The ocean could be peaceful, nurturing and be a source of such diverse and beautiful life forms, which also could be treacherous, unforgiving and be a harbour for some of the most destructive and dangerous life forms.


The second element is, all that is above:

The wind, heat, cold, rain, any type of weather that are thrown upon us, which also, could be a blessing as well as a curse.


The third element is, all that is beyond.

As we all know, ocean travel has inspired so many stories.  The stories with twists and turns, legends of heroes, mythical creatures, and unexplained phenomena.  


Ocean travel has elements that are beyond “"scientific"” understanding. While there is no doubt that “"scientific” approach" can be quite useful and insightful,  but it is also true that there are so much more that we don't know yet.


Ocean travel is something that needs to be experienced, explored, lived and appreciated.


The last but not the least is the vessels we travel in.

Each of our vessels is one of the kind, a very unique one. It comes with different shapes, sizes and colors.  It has its own unique strengths and shortcomings.  It is made of different materials and equipped with different tools.  The list goes on and on.


One thing that makes each and every vessel truly unique in terms of “ocean travel” is that unlike the other elements of the travel which are “"thrown upon us”", “"we do have a say"” in this one.  We may not have much choice in the beginning.  The basic frame works of the vessels could be given to us originally (whether we like it or not), also, the water and the weather may change the shape of the vessels over time. 


However, we do have a choice to keep our vessels in good shape, keep it evolving and make them more of our own, over the course of our life long journey.


Regardless of the unique nature of our vessels, we all share the common goal.  It is for us to stay afloat and keep moving towards our destinations wherever that may be, while remembering the fact that “process of "getting there” is half of the journey.


How Do We Do This?


One item that has been known to be crucial to ocean travel is a compass.


The compass is known to have revolutionized ocean travel, increasing its accuracy and safety.


It is our belief that each of us is equipped with “inner compass” that is designed to help us navigate ourselves through our journey of life.  “Inner compass” works the best when it is aligned with our mind, body and spirit, just like actual compass needs to be aligned with earth’s magnetic force to be effective.


In the course of our unpredictable journey, it is not always easy for us to keep the alignment, the balance. Our inner compass could become rusty, broken, and get lost at times.


It is our belief that when you come to see us for counselling, clinical consultation/supervision and workshops, you already have everything that you need to navigate yourselves in your life; the inner compass. We see our work here as providing you with support so that you can regain the alignment, the balance you need to keep your inner compass in its top shape.  


What we may need to do to achieve this?


We do not know until we meet, as your needs are as unique as your journey.  Whatever you may need to do, be it cleaning, fine tuning, polishing, rediscovering and reconnecting, the good news is that you do not have to do this alone.  We are ready to walk with you to provide you with support if you are ready to let us.


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